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I spent one, 10 week term (and 5 grand) at Kaplan and it was the biggest waste of time and money ever. I entered already having a bachelors degree but wanting to work in health care. What a *** mistake that was.

The instructors don't care, many of them aren't even adequately educated. Students spend "class time" yapping on their cell phones, having noisy conversations, sleeping, or talking about themselves. Instructors have absolutely zero classroom control, so the one or two people actually trying to learn get overlooked. Instructors act irritated by those who want to make good grades.

Financial aid lies - don't believe me? Read reviews all over the internet about how people get ripped off by financial aid misleading them. This was evident by them magically having funds for me after I told them I couldn't afford the program as it stood. I'm positive that they would have let me finish my time saying I had loans, then suddenly presented me at the end with a bill, holding my degree for ransom. Again, read reviews on the internet of people to which this very thing has happened.

Also, I've spoken to doctors around here and they won't hire students who go to Kaplan because the school has a crappy reputation due to its graduating people who are poorly educated and lack communication and workplace skills. It's a joke of an "institution". It's not a university, it's an institution of higher learning. Credits do NOT transfer because no respectable school will take credits from Kaplan. This is a for-profit business. They do not care about you succeeding, they care about overcharging people dumb enough to fall for their scam.

I'm completely embarrassed that I fell for the Kaplan trap, and I hope anyone considering attending Kaplan will RUN in a different direction. PLEASE do more research than I did. I'm now looking at a program at a reputable school and the cost of this program is 1/3 of what Kaplan charged. There are other options, you just have to seek them out. I did not do enough research and now I'm paying for that mistake.

Review about: Kaplan University Financial Aid Service.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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I, too, am completely embarrassed for falling for the Kaplan scam. I read: Complaint after complaint.

Fraud after fraud. Year after year. Lies and more lies. Unresponding to emails.

My last payment has been deducted from the program I dropped out of. I am stressing wondering if they will "remember" that I have made all my payments. But, what I do not understand is this: Why has not some law firm started a class action suit against Kaplan??? And why does the Department of Education not get wise to what kind of scams are going on in this horrendous financial aid department.

How long is this going to continue? How many more students will be scammed? Left with a useless education? Owe 10's of thousands of dollars they cannot pay?

I think its time for a class action suit. Enough.

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