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I decided to use Kaplan test prep for Nclex (Nursing). According to their policies and procedures; if you followed through and still failed the NClex, Kaplan would refund your money.

It has been over a month that I have been figthing to get my $375.00 and nothing. Kaplan only give me excuses over the phone every single week and nothing. I advise people from HELENE FULD SCHOOL OF NURSING in Blackwood NJ not to take Kaplan. I advise people to take HURST OR ATI as a NCLEX Pre course.

I heard great things from HURST, being a course that will teach you core content.

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Jacksonville, Florida, United States #874793

Our school supplied us ATI throughout the year and The Kaplan review to study for the NCLEX. I found the Kaplan review to be very helpful as far as preparation for the type of questions used on the NCLEX.

I did not use the decision tree strategy but just concentrated on the question as a whole.

I passed in 75 questions and think Kaplan was the reason for it. Also the pearsonvue trick no longer works as of Aug 20,2014 so you have to wait for results.


I am a nurse educator and am forced to use the Kaplan package deal supplied to my for profit college. I constantly find errors in the NCLEX-PN questions.

Many are not evidence based concepts and fail to even follow along with their own material (books, course materials..). I have contacted Kaplan regarding their need for proof-reading, or better skilled employees. I have never received a reply back.

I will say I work with an RN friend who has a son that works at Amazon.

He told me that businesses like Kaplan don't care about their customers.

Unlike Amazon, who love their customer, and they go above and beyond the call of duty to support their customers, Kaplan won't. I have started using Saunders in my classroom and I recommend Hurst for NCLEX-PN review.


I used Kaplan and aggressively followed their study guide. I passed the NCLEX the first time around, my test shut down at 75 questions!!!!

Its all about finding the right program for you, Kaplan works. I am sorry it din't work out for you.

to Lisa #790613

I notice Kaplan has people monitoring web comments..it's so obvious. Don't be surprised to see fake comments by kaplan staff themselves posing to be students.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #670662

I just failed Nclex. I did everything Kaplan asked me to do and scored where they told me to.

I am very upset with Kaplan "the be all end all of Nclex reviews". WHAT A JOKE!

I learned absolutely nothing in Kaplan. I am buying Hurst this time.

New York City, New York, United States #636242

I agree ..don't take the Kaplan NCLEX online review course. It's just a waste of money.

I haven't taken the NCLEX yet but I could say it's a total waste of time and money because all they teach were exactly opposite of what should you be aware of in taking the exam. For example, they would advise you to exclude the answers with words such as "lifelong, all, everything, etc" but that is not applicable because there are lifelong drug therapies and interventions that require all types.

There were so many erroneous data they provide, and they would mix the class with people who have failed the tests once or twice with people who never had taken the test, and the one who never have taken the test yet would feel left out, because they be working at their rapid pace---simply because they already had taken the tests before. I regret that I wasted $399 for a class that never helped me at all.


Honestly I never took Kaplan just studied and reviewed on my own and that Obv didn't work for me because i didn't pass the first time. I now just took the Kaplan review in class.

I have to say the person who said you pay 400 to sit in a class to do quetsions is a waste, i beg to differ. I think its worth sitting in class and seeing how you can rationalize out loud and see how the questions r answered. some people work better in class then at Home from a computer. Im in the process of doin the Q bank..

and QT... im super nervous with everything im not scoring as well as i should.. so will see. But everyone is different and everyone has their own view on the review.

I do think the quetsions types r similar to Kaplan..

but i d ont know how much this is going to help me . i hope to pass this time around.


I took the Kaplan review at my school that was required for us to take. It was a complete waste of my time.

I did every question in the question bank and made the 60-65% on the tests. I took NCLEX in June after I graduated in May. I failed at 135 questions. Its terrible.

I am signed up to take a hurst review in a few weeks. and I resit the NCLEX a week after HURST review


I agree with all the negative things said. I am currently in the class and it is a waste of time!

They teach ONE strategy and it is the decision tree. All those who said the decision tree does not work when you are dealing with ALL THAT APPLY questions are correct. The person that said you must be up to date with your knowledge in regard to content was also correct. Kaplan's program is NOT designed to go over content.

If you pay $400 for the classroom course, you are paying to sit in your sit for 8 hrs doing questions with the decision tree ONLY!!!!

IMO, you can do all that on your own at home for FREE!!!! PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE EVER!!!!!!!!!


I agree with Jina i to spent the $400 dollars on the Kaplan their QBank doesnt have good explanations. When i took the nclex i was waiting for a question to pop up so i can use the decision tree and the question never came.

I had alot of all that apply questions and decision tree doesnt work for those questions. The only good think i can say about kaplan there QBank questions have similar questions that you will see on the NClex. But you can get those questions just buying their Kaplan book which is just $25 dollars. Dont spend $400 on their class, its not worth it.

I didnt pass the nckex either second time taking it. My advice is just study content as much as possible and best of luck to you.


I agree dont ever take anything there ,they want just your money and no good result after that...


I also tooka the Kaplan course and I did pass the nclex the second time. i dont think it was usefull.

I didnt use their test taking strategies or their decision tree. It didnt make sense to me. What I did was studied the content and did alot different questions from different nclex books. I used the nclex cram book, Fryes, Davids nclex books.

That helped alot. I dont recomend the Kaplan because there strategies dont work with every question.

Also there QBank doessnt have good explaination their only a sentence long. I didnt think it was worth $400 dollars.


I used Kaplan and it worked. The class challenged us to critical think. That is what the NCLEX is testing you on.

If you are looking for a magic pill, Kaplan isn't one (and neither are the other prep options).

If you take Kaplan, go to your class and do what they say do and you will pass.

For those of you who failed you may want to look at yourself and not the materials. If you graduated from either a ADN of BSN school, you have the content knowledge to pass the exam.

Problem is its not just knowing knowlege, its being able to apply it to a question requiring you to think critically.


Victor, I can see why you failed, your grammar and writing skills are non-existent. It would probably benefit you to take some language or writing classes before you attempt to take the Nclex again.


I took kaplan review twice, bcoz i thought they are good, i fallowed the rules and I'm confident that I'm gonna passed my exam, but NO! its getting worse and I'm failed :( :(


HURST????? We were sign up to Hurst review program by our school, i attended the class and found it useless, you have no time to write the blanks in the book or listen to the instructor, since this is 5 day course the instructor is very fast and you have no time to make any notes, i walked out from the program, so many other students in our class, i requested that they switch my program to the online review so i would be able to review back and forth, and they rejected, telling me that i did not give the program enough time, all they want is money, i also did ATI at school and finde it very usefull so i will be doing the ATI, Personally i will not recommend the HURST program, many companys have employes post positive feedbacks abot their product, Before spending your money do a research., Victor


Oh well, I think I need to take the HURST review then instead of KAPLAN.

Is HURST okay for Texas?


Our school incorperated Kaplan with our learning and it was awful. I don't think you learn anything with Kaplan with the exception of it making you feel like you have learned nothing with all of your years of education. I think Kaplan should never be used ever!!!


thanks for the advise. i was planning to take it. never mind


I also was unsuccessful with the Kaplan course and failed. However I did take the HURST Review online and was very pleased. I am proud to say that after taking the HURST review I passed my RN NCLEX!

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