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Its funny when many others here talk good or defend Kaplan when they don't even know what they are talking about! Nor do I care ... but I am going to voice my opinion anyways...I bet that the ones that read these articles and defend Kaplan then they probably never been there or their time has not come just yet...but it will...IF you think I post this just for the *** of it your DEAD Wrong! I have all my documents and emails from this so called college with all their mess up's and about $ 30,000 thousand that the school has unaccounted for on my loans...pell grants they say were refunded back to fafsa whereas fafsa said they have no record of those refunds but the school wants me to pay them for that refund that fafsa has no record for...all documented and with those who think we may make this up or are confused...JUST SHUT YOUR MOUTH...YOU DONT NO JACK TILL THIS HAPPENS TO YOU! GOT IT? I am not one to play with and I hate people that open their mouth and defend someone or something that they have no idea what the *** is even going on! I just have pity on fact it just plain ***!

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I am one of the ones who is NOT defending this school.Besides a few select teachers that school is a joke!

I have been looking for a job ever since I graduated in November 2011.

Even when I was in school I was looking and not a damned thing!!!!Wish there was a way to get all that wasted money back.


Worms and Hirsch, a private investigations firm that has been retained by a law firm representing shareholders of The Washington Post Company in a class action complaint alleging securities fraud.

This is an action being brought by the shareholders against The Washington Post Company and some of its officers and directors. This action is entitled Plumbers Local #200 Pension Fund v. The Washington Post Company., Donald E. Graham, Hal S.

Jones, Case No. 10-civ-01835 and is pending in United States District Court for the District of Columbia. My firm, Worms and Hirsch, Inc., is interested in speaking with former Kaplan College and Kaplan University students about their experiences with the school. Please feel free to contact us at 866.333.6801 if you would like to discuss your experiences.

Please do note, the law firm we are working with does not represent former students of the school.

The action we are investigating is being brought on behalf of the The Washington Post Company shareholders.We look forward to speaking with you.


hi, there i am feeling similiar husband attended kaplan college here in south texas and was promised an associates in criminal justice within a year.

He took the bait in order to pursue hopeful dreams of becoming a State Trooper. I was skeptical at first because it costs so much. He was supposed to finish in october of this year and his department leader informed him their associates is not recognized or accredited by state agencies and what not. So all his time ( 5hr classes four days of the week) and money has been spent for nothing.

They are telling him to transfer to Kaplan University because they are accredited but is also another 12000 dollars.Would like your input on this email is

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