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A school funded and affiliated with Ohio Institute of Photography and Kaplan University.The school offers some of the most popular career field training but treats there students like kids. Elementary and middle school to be exact.

This is suppose to be a vocational and technical hands on school for adults. If the financial aid administer needs you for something they send a permission slip to your teacher and has them sign the form. I stated that they were childish: trying to make all students come together to spend time with another. I'm not paying over $12,000 to make friends.

Another problem they let a great teacher go. She was concerned with everybody and their problems, she took time out to really explain information that was unclear. The school signed a contract with a book company to distribute Pharmacy Technician books. The book had incorrect information and was outdated to what cost.

To save money. I dropped out of the school to go out of state but when i returned back to the program all the students had new books and workbooks with different information. I was suppose to get a new book but instead the finance person said that i would have to pay out of pocket. I was forced to continue my studies taking notes on information not given in my book because of that it; it slowed the class learning rate down tramendously.

The library room was off limits when needed due to testing new enrollment students. The only time we could use any computer was after school but most students were like me had to go to work. I was paying for technology supplies but not giving the chance to utilize it. During my externship we have to fax in our completed hours and that was exhausting .

How can a fax get up and walk away. Many hours were uncounted and faxes went missing. I had my extern site fax the same time sheets six times and they still didn't have my correct hours. i had to refax all time sheets from day one to my last week.

Twice. People in the pharmacy was looking at me as if I'm playing jokes and games. And the thing that *** me off the most the school tries to get extra money out of you if you don't pay close attention to your financial aid. The financial aid man called me into his office stating my loan application wasn't on file and that I should file another one.

I quickly rejecting that. He went over numbers about how much loans and amounts to pay back. It didn't add up in my mind. I asked to see papers and he quickly refused.

In all he was trying to get an extra $4000 out of me. I said NO!!! and excused myself went and spoke to two other people in that department one on one and they came up with different numbers. Three different people in the same department with different calculations made me very suspicious.

I had all three come in the room and no one knew what they were talking about. They tried to confuse me with all these numbers but my favorite subject is math and all added up to non sense. I calculated my enrollment amount that we sat down and agreed to.The signed document stated that amount and loans already paid that amount so I cancelled the last two left over disbursement with the bank and now the school wants me to pay $4000 out of pocket. They waited until the last possible moment before unleashing this information.

In order to get your diploma from any trade you most pay all debt. Looks like I'm not graduating cause i'm not giving them another red cent. A lawyer is very pricey but i want a diploma or my money back. Believe me I'm not going down quietly...

Big Fraud, Alot of Cover- Ups.

Review about: Kaplan University Financial Aid Service.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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